How long did it take you to grow your hair long?

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I stayed in a hotel this weekend and got a nice surprise: the room had a three-way mirror and I could see that my back hair was finally down almost to my bra strap! The rest of the hair is finally BSL three years after a disastrous haircut (bob with some mullet-y layers no more than 1.5" long). My goal is to have my hair be more or less all one length and down to maybe armpit length in front, and now I think I'm only a year away. Anyhow, wondering how long it's taken other curlies to grow out their hair after a short cut??
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    about a year and a half. And then i just cut it off so im growing it back out ;/. not as short as last time so maybe a year for me till it gets a little past my shoulders not stretched
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    It takes me about three years when going from short to get it about armpit length. My hair grows very slowly.
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    It took me one entire year to get from BSL to waist length, but I have curly in the front and wavy in the back.
  • hambo02hambo02 Posts: 480Registered Users
    my hair grows so slow too
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    I cut my hair June of 2010 to collar bone length and its now 4 inches from waist length. I've gotten trims here and there, too. My hair grows at a normal rate according to my stylist.

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