Extras for your hair: protein, oils, ... Help?

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Hi beautiful fellow curlies!

I'm trying to embrace my curls (newly curly, new curly since februari 21st, CG since yesterday although today the hair dresser used silicones and sulfates on my hair, but that wasn't my choice).

I've been reading that some of you do protein treatments or add oil to give their hair a special treat...
So I was wondering:
1) do you have to watch the proteins or oils in your shampoos/conditioners/other products? (now I already felt good cutting down on the sulfates and siliciones)
2) I suppose you just use these treatments as an "extra", something to add?
3) what sort of extras can you give to your hair? I already heard of proteins and oils.. Is there anything else?
4) what are the positive effects and the possible negative effects of these "treatments" (in case you don't really now your hair properties)

What I know about my hair:
- at the moment 2b curl pattern, although I already see some change since I already get curly at the roots and my hair is totally not moisturized, totally dry so I guess I could reach 2c-3a when healthy
- density: medium-high
- width: medium-thick (hair dresser says I have a bit thicker hair than average people, but I noticed that I have different thicknesses of hair in my curls, I do get my hair coloured though)
- porosity: no idea... it seems to act like being low porosity with a long time to dry, only getting wet after about 2 minutes; my hair doesn't feel bumpy but I don't think (although I don't know) if it is really smooth either; I would have supposed it would have gotten high porosity since I already colour my hair every 6-8 weeks for 6 years and I've straightened it for 15 years...
2c: fine texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity, normal-high density
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    hello and welcome! There are indeed lots of other hair extras that one can do for different reasons. yes oils and protein treatments, but also moisture treatments, refresher sprays, leave in moistureises, rinses..... you can buy all of this, though you can also make it at home with things that you have lying around. i love using oils and have a large collection of tried and testered oils. so naturaly i would say that you might want to try same oil treatments. there are tones of things you can do with oils, its just finding something that works well for you and that suits you.
    hope i helped a bit.

    my hair: 3b, high porosity, high density and coarse hair (i think i finally figured that all out)
    my hair loves conditioner only styling!
    Oils and my own procuts are my hairs best friend
    my hair goal length is bra strap length when curly.
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    Hi Neleke!

    1). I do. I'm protein craving and I try to use as much as protein as I can as my hair just can't get enough of it. I have fine hair. I also watch the oils in my products. In my rinse out, deep treatment (of course...) and my leave in (to an extent...) I want to have penetrating oils. Just jojoba in a rinse out is not enough for me. I want an oil that has small molecules that can penetrate and nourish the hair. In my RO and DT I try to have as many of such oils as possible. In my LI I like them too but preferably not too much or heavy ones like olive, cuz that'll just weigh my fine hair down.

    2) Well, hair needs protein and nourishment (oils etc) to be healthy. I personally don't view it as an ''extra'' but as something essential. Also I use oils for sealing (which I recommend).

    3) Stuff like shea butter, aloe vera gel... oh and hair supplements!

    4) possible positive effects: effin great, healthy and happy hair. Possible negative effects: protein can give protein sensitive people dry and brittle hair. It will feel like straw in that case. An oil overload can cause a sticky build up, heavy hair, greasy hair, and over-conditioned hair. I usually wash my hair with a low-poo when I've been too enthousiastic with oils... lol.

    A good balance between proteins and conditioning is important. Fine haired people tend to need a lot of proteins and are prone to over conditioning. Generally, it's kind of the opposite for coarse haired people: they tend to be protein sensitive and need lots of conditioning; they don't get over conditioned quickly.

    Since you're medium-coarse I'm guessing you're protein sensitive. Remember that you'll need proteins anyway, just a lot less than fine haired people. You can follow up a protein treatment with a deep treatment.

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