CG & New Psych Disorders?

So... I had an epiphany yesterday. Going CG is doing great things for my hair, but is messing with my head. I have developed the following disorders:
1. Fear of product abandonment - constant fear that current products will be discontinued... Which causes...
2. Product hoarding - i'm nervous if I have less than 2 backup bottles... Which leads to...
3. Compulsive product spending & Inability to stick to budget. I have yet to convince hubby that haircare products do not fall under unnecessary expenses, but belong in the "must have to survive" category. I will keep trying.

Am I alone here? Support group, anyone? ;-)


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    I believe the local Chapter of Curly's Anonymous has formed under the 'Hand me the Prozac' thread. Feel free to forward your dues to Myrna. :toothy10:
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    This is what I'm happiest with right now.
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    I'm there with you! My next purchase will be argan oil lol
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    I will be joining Product junkie anonymous because of the following:
    A walgreens run @ 1 am because I needed to dc my hair today and didnt have a "suitable condish" :banghead:
    then almost had a panic attack because they were moving the hair product aisle and it was mostly empty.
    I also found out that the Walgreens Conditioning balm is discontinued:banghead:
    I did however, get a burts bees GUD condish for $3.79. lol I have issues

    On the budget issue, hubby has now informed me that I have to conjoin my hair product spending and my fun money allowance :/... Which sucks because I was sneaking the hair products into the target/cvs toiletries run smh
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    How about OCCD (obsessive compulsive curl disorder): not being able to take your eyes off your hair and obsessing over the spirals at inappropriate times.
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    Guess it's time to resurrect this thread

    Another one that might also help is

    As an acknowledged product slut, I will tell you that it's not necessary to hoard products. There is always another love out there! Half the fun is trying to find it.
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    Hahaha :D yeah same here... already have a lot of oils (and conditioners, and styling products, etc) and I'm still ordering a new one (avocado is next!)
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    I'm not much of a PJ but my psych symptoms present when I'm the stylist's chair with paranoia and phobia of unknown products. Do these count? I am terrified of hair salons :lol:
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    Yay@these threads.

    I am not alone!!!!!

    ...hums michael jackson's "you are not alone..."
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    I like this thread. So many products, so little frizz (we wish).

    Betcha can't use just one (to misquote an old ad for potato chips I think).
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    I feel less alone, now!! Thanks :-)
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    How about OCCD (obsessive compulsive curl disorder): not being able to take your eyes off your hair and obsessing over the spirals at inappropriate times.

    Definitely what I have. I was doing that as I read this.
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    I certainly have hoarding issues because I am so fearful they will discontinue my favorite things. In order to tame the anxiety I MUST have at least 10 bottles of Suave and VO5 conditioner and at least 4 bottles of LA Looks Sport Gel. And I check in every store I happen to be in just to make sure they aren't on sale.

    I also have nightmares that I will be chosen to be on What Not To Wear and they will try to cut, dye, and straighten my hair.
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    WNTW nightmares. That's a good one! Hahaha!