Suggestions on what my hair type is?

Sierra01218Sierra01218 Posts: 5Registered Users
Ive been transitioning for 4 1/2 months now.


  • bringingcurliesback?bringingcurliesback? Posts: 1,308Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    In terms of curl pattern I would say a 4B or 4C. Maybe even a combo.
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  • Sierra01218Sierra01218 Posts: 5Registered Users
    In terms of curl pattern I would say a 4B or 4C. Maybe even a combo.

    Thanks i may have to wait till my hair grows out a little more to figure out for sure
  • SeriusSerius Posts: 20Registered Users
    I think your a 4A......I've heard that you see your true texture when your hair is dry, but my experience is that it's really the same wet,or dry, but it's just easier to see the curls (at least mine anyway) when they are wet b/c they clump together much better.


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    I'd say 3c.

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  • Sierra01218Sierra01218 Posts: 5Registered Users
    I think my hair was dry when i took these pictures ill wait another month and snap some wet and dry to see how the curls look.

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