no more loreal mousse :(

I've been using Loreal's Everstyle Curl Activiating Mousse to grand success, but my local drugstore no longer carries it; or Loreal has discontinued it. Either's time to find something new. Ideally, I'd love to find something of the HolyTrinity of products:
1) cruelty-free
2)doesn't cost a gazillion dollars
3)alcohol-free (not super important, but seems to work well for me--but open to suggestions)

I seem to do better with mousse--my hair is too fine to take anything heavier.

with thanks from snowy Boston.


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    How about Jane Carter Wrap & Roll mousse? I have GREAT results with this stuff, I've tried several mousses and this is by far the best. Eliminates frizz like a charm. It's this one: The Jane Carter Solution, Wrap & Roll, 8 fl oz (237 ml) -
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    I soooooooo dislike it when they discontinue carrying or making a product that I like! It's happened more than a few times now. :twisted: I feel for you. Guess you are just going to have to keep the search up. Darn.

    Thankfully there is a lot of stuff out there. I hope you find one you like as much. I am still on the lookout for a local styling product (for slip) but at the moment have settled for less-than-pleased for now.
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    I've been looking for the loreal curl defining gel from the same line. Both it and the mousse are still listed on the loeal website. I just found the gel at Walgreens, they were all on sale but a lot of stuff was, looked more like they were paring down their hair care aisle. I also saw the mousse at my local Publix so I don't think they're discontinued. Hope I like it cause I got 6 tubes of it for $18. :glasses8:
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    i think they got rid of the gel too cos i saw it was alcohol free before and i went to look for it last week and it was gone? i remember it well because the gel had orange oil in it