All natural gels??

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Wondering if there are any hair gels that have a medium-strong hold that are all natural? My hair responds well to gels and its the wet look that I prefer. I am 3C with some 4a in the back. I have started to use a cowashing routine but am unsure which gels would be most suitable for cowashing. Don't most gels contain ingredients that must be washed out with sulfates or claryfing shampoos? How do I incorporate gels into my natural cowashing routine? Thanks!


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    ever tried flax seed gel? you can make it at home, and you'll only need flax seeds and water :)
    it can be washed out by water only - and works wonders on my 3c hair :)

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  • deerod429deerod429 Posts: 5Registered Users
    CurlyB_ wrote: »
    ever tried flax seed gel? you can make it at home, and you'll only need flax seeds and water :)
    it can be washed out by water only - and works wonders on my 3c hair :)

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    I am very interested in the flax seed gel actually. unfortunately, however, i am currently a college student without access to a kitchen so the flax seed gel is very inconvenient for me. :crybaby:
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    I'm a college student -- a graduating senior. I've made flax seed gel in the microwave before. It can be done!

    Kiss My Face Upper Management Gel is a nice natural gel as well. Also try Kinky Curly Curling Custard -- its super popular.
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    I use Max Green Alchemy Sculpting Gel. It's decent as far as natural ingredients, and gives some nice firm hold. It's HG for me when I need good hair all day. I've been using this for a couple of years, several times per week. It runs around $15 per tube. I usually get it on Amazon, but have purchased from or MGA in the past also.

    FWIW, I tried KMF Upper Management and it didn't have lasting hold for me.
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    Aubrey Organics B-5 Design gel and Giovanni makes a few I believe:

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    I like both of Aubrey Organics Mandarin magic for a lighter hold and the b5 gel for a stronger yet not crunchy hold. Kinky curly curling custard gives a stronger hold but I still prefer the other two.

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