Lint in the hair...HELP!!!

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This is my daughter Hadassah. As Stevie Wonder can see, she has beautiful hair. My recent problem is LINT!!! I may braid her hair up for couple of days to keep it from tangling. When its time to take her down, there's like this lint or residue type thing in her hair. I wouldn't call it buildup because it doesn't wash out and away. How can I keep this from happening? She's very playful and tomboy-ish (she has 2 older brothers). She likes to flip and roll around on the floor. That's what I think is causing it or maybe the pillows. I'm not sure any advice. Thx


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    My daughter seems to get lint in her hair too and it only comes out if I brush it out dry. Her hair is 2a so it's easy to brush it out prior to washing. I'm not sure of another way.
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    one reason I steer clear of mineral oil is it's a lint and dirt magnet in my hair. But then rolling on the floor isn't helping. I don't understand why it wouldn't shampoo out though.
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