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I was wondering how to handle something. The past few weeks haven't been easy for me at my job as my new director and I have had some issues. A co-worker, who's been in the department longer than I have, resigned today. He's deadweight, to be honest, and has been behaving erratically of late. He told me privately that he quit to join our old director at her current job. Two other old co-workers also left to join the old boss months ago. This afternoon, one of the old co-workers called me to ask if I was interested in joining the old boss at her current company and if I was, to send my resume. Now I have been thinking of finding something else and I don't have an issue with the old boss, but the thought of joining these old co-workers in a new environment makes me shudder as they were lazy and unprofessional. When the guy who resigned today leaves, I will be called upon to clean up his work as it will more than likely be a total mess. What makes the issue even more complicated is that the old boss went to a company I worked at briefly nearly five years ago, but I was fired after three weeks because the boss there thought I was "too quiet." It wasn't in the department that the old boss is in now and it wasn't even in the same borough, but I'm sure it's unlikely I'd be able to get hired there again anyway even if I wanted to given my previous firing as I'm sure it's still on file there somewhere. Exactly how do I tell these people that I'm flattered, but no thanks?
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    Tell them that you worked there previously and that it wasn't a good fit. no need for details
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    I think you can tell them just that. It sounds like you didn't have a great relationship with them anyway, so no harm in just telling them you aren't interested in making any changes right now.
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    It sounds as though you have conflicting feelings but are leaning towards staying in your present situation even though it is getting pretty complicated. In cases like this, I was told to make a list of what I don't like about each situation and and ask myself can I live with what I don't like?

    The reasoning is you can always live with what you like - but can you live with the negatives? The worst negative indicates the job you should avoid. What is the worst negative about your presentation position vs. the new possibility?

    I'm not sure that's helpful but I thought I'd throw it out there because it has helped me with tough decisions. Good Luck LadyV69 and if you stay in your current position, you probably should still be looking elsewhere because you have a great track record and you don't sound that happy in your present job.
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    "Thank you for thinking of me but I'm not interested in changing jobs right now. I'll keep you in mind if my situation changes."
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    ...and start looking for a new job!
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    First, don't write off the job because you think maybe you probably wouldn't get hired anyway. If you decide you want to go for it, then go for it. You never know what will happen.

    Second, do you know you'd be working right with these old coworkers? Or is it possible that you would have new immediate coworkers who are better? Maybe it's worth going in for an interview to find out.

    And finally, I'm really wondering about these directors. The "good one" who left is apparently hiring a bunch of unprofessional deadbeats, but the "bad one" you currently work for is chasing them out. Maybe it's worth reconsidering both of them.
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    You don't owe anyone any kind of explanation when it comes to your career. Just thank them (heartily and sincerely) for looking out and say you're good for the time being.

    Then casually keep in touch w/ the ones you like/respect. It's always a good idea to have contacts who think highly of you in your field.