My Coppola Keratin results

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I got my first keratin treatment on Valentine's Day (about 3 weeks ago). I bought a Groupon for a local salon (I was between stylists anyway), so it was fairly affordable. I had the choice between the Brazilian Blowout and the Coppola Keratin. After talking with the stylist, she suggested the Coppola, as it would leave more curl in (according to her).

I really didn't have any problems with the 72 hour wait (most of it was over a weekend anyway). My husband didn't mind the smell (I didn't smell anything), and my hair felt like silk.

I've been waiting to post until I had a few weeks of experience with my new hair. Obviously I don't know how long it will last and what things might be like when it "wears off," but I can at least give the results pics.

OK, just realized the pic limit. I'll reply with the rest of the pics.

The first two are my hair the morning that I got the treatment. While I love my hair and my curls, my curl pattern isn't the prettiest (oh, how I wish they were more corkscrew than "S" shaped), and my hair can often get big and frizzy. Lots of product is required to manage it, and blow-drying is usually not my friend (but neither is leaving the house with wet hair in the morning, so....) Anyway.

The second two are the next morning, after the treatment. I *loved* running my fingers through it! Lovely!


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    OK, these pics are more afters. The first two are what happens if I let my hair dry naturally, then brush it out and put hot rollers in or use a curling iron. I was afraid my hair would lose its ability to keep a curl, since that has happened to me before, and that didn't happen.

    The second two are what happens if I just let it air dry. This is at the end of the day, so my hair really is dry. But it's so flat! The curls are more "beachy waves," I think, and while they're OK, there's the part at the back that never curls very much, and it's totally straight all of the time now. I do need less hair product, though it should be mentioned that if I don't use my curl spray, those beachy waves are even more understated and, frankly, rather blah.

    Last is from this morning. I used hot rollers this morning (used the curling iron yesterday), and because it was so flat on top, used them to strategically give me more life at the roots. And then I used some root-lifting spray gel while the curlers were cooling. Mega body today.

    Next I'm going to try letting it air dry after twisting it into curls with my fingers. I only wash it about once a week, so trying new things takes me a while. I started that this winter when my hair didn't take well to the dryer and I was tired of having frozen hair while waiting for the bus, and it works pretty well for me. One day natural, the next day curling iron, the next day hot rollers, then just combing/brushing with a bit of serum until it's time to wash again. Pretty easy, all things considered.
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    Very nice! Glad you're happy with the results!

    Recommend searching for "plopping" and the "pixie curl" drying method for curl pattern enhancement, if you're interested.
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