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Okay so I've been researching about BB cream and I think I want to try it. From my understanding the Asian ones are better then the American ones by far. Does anyone use BB cream and can give me a recommendation on a brand? I'm really looking for it as a skin care benefit and not really concerned about the foundation purpose.

My other question is I like to keep my face products as natural or chemical free as I can. I use alba botanicals and Burt's bees currently. I also use whipped Shea butter with vit e for a
Moisturizer. Would BB cream be okay to use?
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    I'm using Keana Pate's bb cream (a japanese brand). Got it from Sasa or Bonjour. Over all BB cream give you light but full coverage. It is a lot lighter than putting on make up foundation every single day, but still better of not putting it on every single day, but give your skin a break every once in a while. While for skin care, I don't think BB cream is a product for skin care. It's got SPF though, but you could use some sun screen as well. To me, BB cream is more about pore and acne mark coverage

    As in how to put it on, first I put on some toner, blemish treatment stuffs (when I got blemishes), moisturizer, some whitening product, BB cream, and finally concealer in case there's still some place missing. So I don't think which moisturizer you're using is going to affect BB cream.

    My mom use Shu Uemura's the color's really great and the coverage is superb, but it's a little bit expensive which is why I choose Keana Pate's instead. My roommate choose Missha's, it's slightly more matte than Shu's, but a lot cheaper and does it job quite well, I heard it got a pretty high rating on the internet. Other famous brands are Skin 79 and Etude's. I've only tried the Skin 79, the coverage is real good but I don't really like it since it's too matte and I prefer a natural and nude kind of look.

    Any other question? Hope this helps :D
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    I use Urban Decay's Naked BB Cream. I have very fair skin with that awkward "both pink and olive" undertone (Welsh meets Italian!), and it actually blends and evens my skin tone instead of skewing it one way or the other, which looks terribly fake. I also have freckles, which I don't want "half-faded," and it allows them to pop.

    I have extremely sensitive skin that gets oily in the T-zone and somewhat dry on the cheeks. This balances me well and I don't get greasy, which happens with the other BB creams I've tried. It also doesn't break me out - that's HUGE. I don't break out from being oily, I break out from being sensitive, so it's always a signal to me to stop whatever I'm doing.

    Some people seem to dislike the color. I don't. I appreciate that it has SPF, but I wear SPF 50 mineral sunscreen anyway. I like the natural, but even, look that it gives me. It also seems very soft to the touch, never tugs at my skin, and seems to soften my dry areas. My cream blush (the only other thing I wear) blends well over it. I don't use powder.

    BB Creams I tried that sucked, on me: Garnier (double-sucked), Maybelline, Jarte, Stila. Obviously price isn't a factor to sucking...

    Hope that helps!
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    I'm a freelance makeup artist and work at sephora also, on more fair complexions I like Tarte or boscia. dr jart also makes two good ones. If you aren't very fair then urban decay is nice it's a self adjusting one but it can run a little dark for lighter complexions but not dark enough for for deeper ones. Dr Brandt self adjust ok for deeper tones. Smashbox is a big seller although I've never used it on any clients. I usually stick to the ones I mentioned above.
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    Ill add, the dr jart one is a hydrating one its the water fuse one it has 50 percent water in it. The other one he has, has anti aging ingredients and a higher SPF (45) they all will have SPF they all work as moisturizers, primers, skin enhancers, and protectors. They can be worn alone or under your foundation as a primer and moisturizer. That's why a lot of people like them we call them 5 in 1s Some sort of skin care benefit (varies by brand)
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    Its a beauty, natural hair, food, family, and life all combined into one blog. I took a break from it for awhile but I recently started blogging again and Im addicted!

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    I highly recommend skin79 bb cream, missha, dr.jart+, garnier, maybelline.
    yeahh you can check out those :)
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    I like maybelline bb cream, but i heard asian bb creams are good

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