Which way do I twist?

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Hi! I'm new here and could use some help. My hair is probably a 3A and I'm finally learning how to style it properly. Some days it seems I should be twisting (or skip curl) or not sure the term away from my face, and other days towards. Problem is that I feel like it should be obvious, but it isn't. Also, some days the curl holds really well while other days it doesn't, and I don't do anything different.
Do you curl is towards your face on both sides? Then what about the back? Which direction do you do it in?

I have young kids and not too much time to play around with it. Any help would be great!



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    I have this exact same question.
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    For whatever reason, finger curling typically doesn't work for me. I think scrunching is a far more effective technique to encourage curl. But maybe I just haven't practiced enough?
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    I'm a newbie, but I tried this yesterday on my 2C hair and got crazy ringlets all over. I only did about 20-30 twists. But I was twisting toward my face, and after it was all dry, I thought it would have looked better if I twisted away from my face. So, there you have it. Another confused curlie! :)
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    I think this is just a preference, no? Which way to twist? I have tried it both ways and, for me, it works better toward my face. There is a slight break in the back center of my head, then I twist each half toward my face. I think this works better for me because my arm seems to like the twisting toward my face motion better – it seems like a more natural movement to me - so I get a cleaner twist, if that makes any sense.
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    Thanks! I feel like I should be following the natural curl, and for a while it was away from my face. Then suddenly I couldn't figure it out. Then they weren't curling as nicely. I've been watching lots of videos and I think most people seem to curl towards... Not sure if I've been overplaying with it, trying to figure out how to do it has upset the natural curl. *sigh!*
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    I sometimes twirl pieces to enhance my 2c/3a curls (when I have the extra time). My curls naturally form in different directions on different places of my head, some away from my face and some towards it. I've found that twirling with the natural curl enhances the ringlets while twirling against will loosen my curls. I usually scrunch my hair first to activate the curls and see which way they naturally form, then twirl the pieces in the direction of the natural curl.
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    My hair all goes counterclockwise (as does my mom's). It seems like some people have hair that all goes one way, and some have hair that goes both.

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