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Spin off from LBD.

Do you have a YouTube series that you like? I think there's some potential in that area. Shorter episodes that can be seen whenever, ability to get into topics that won't be picked up by TV and seeing new actors all seem to be appealing reasons to see what's out there.

I like Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Awkward Black Girl. I haven't branched out too much past that.

What do you like?
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  • SariaSaria Posts: 15,963Registered Users
    I'd be interested in watching more, too.
    One other aspect that is kind of cool is the real-time aspect. Granted LBD does get shot ahead of time, but not much, and the episodes just flow from one to the next, so you really feel like it's unfolding before you.
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    I enjoyed The Unwritten Rules.

    I also love The Most Popular Girls In School. It's not for everyone, but it's been my everything lately. It's super quotable.

    Also, Very Mary-Kate.
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    when will your favs?

  • damsel_flydamsel_fly Posts: 457Registered Users
    For light entertainment check out Wong Fu Productions.
  • KookyCurlKookyCurl Posts: 1,980Registered Users
    I've been enjoying Squaresville which starring Mary Kate Wiles. I'm also interested in web series. they are easier to watch on my own schedule and I like the short time format too.
  • scrillsscrills Posts: 6,700Registered Users
    One of my friends is starring in the series, "ALMOST 30". I'm so proud of him.

    Awkward Black Girl.
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    Another fan of Awkward Black Girl!!!

    The Couple.
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    Luke Nguyen's Vietnam - cooking show starring a Viet/Australian chef who travels the country in search of delicacies. but i watch more for ideas of places to travel to then the cooking.