Hate Speech Incidents at Oberlin College

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Oh look: blatant racism and intolerance. Must be Monday.

Hate Speech Incidents Continue

Some images from tumblr (things found on campus):


Sorry it's so large! oop
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    Oh look: blatant racism and intolerance. Must be Monday.]

    This is especially disturbing because Oberlin has long prided itself on a progressive-left identity based on diversity and inclusiveness. One of my best friends is an alumnus.

    People really p**s me off sometimes.

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    I'm baffled by it. To my knowledge, Oberlin is best known as a small liberal arts college with a large concentration of music majors.

    Regardless, I would like to apologize for my state. It's really beautiful here, but some parts are just so lacking in simple human rights and decency. One of my friends says that our section (the Northeast) should try to secede.
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    I read somewhere that Oberlin was the first school to accept black women. Or something.
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    BC: 9.6.11
    when will your favs?

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    I nearly dislocated my retina rolling my eyes at the "it's not illegal to be white...yet" comment. But it's very telling. It's basically a zero-sum game to them. You're either on the winning side, or on the losing side.

    Same thinking behind feminist-bashing. If you are asking to have your basic human rights respected and be treated with the minimum amount of common decency, clearly it's because you despise men.

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    Classes Canceled: Monday, March 4, 2013

    Early this morning, there was a report of a person wearing a hood and robe resembling a KKK outfit between South and the Edmonia Lewis Center and in the vicinity of African Heritage House. This report is being investigated by both Safety and Security and the Oberlin Police Department. This event, in addition to the series of other hate-related incidents on campus, has precipitated our decision to suspend formal classes and all non-essential activities for today, Monday, March 4, 2013, and gather for a series of discussions of the challenging issues that have faced our community in recent weeks.
    We hope today will allow the entire community—students, faculty, and staff—to make a strong statement about the values that we cherish here at Oberlin: inclusion, respect for others, and a strong and abiding faith in the worth of every individual. Indeed, the strength of Oberlin comes from our belief that diversity and openness enriches us all, and enhances the educational mission at its core.

    Most schools have snow days. We have racism days. I’m…disappointed beyond words.
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    This is very disheartening. Oberlin has a fine rep. as a liberal college. I hope there will be an intense backlash against this racism.
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