Hair porosity confusion

I did the strand dip test tonight and was expecting to come up with high porosity, but my hair just floated on the top to middle of the glass.

I always thought I was high porosity because I frizz a lot with humectants in my stylers, when I used to color my hair, it would soak up color very quickly, gets soaked very quickly in the shower, etc.

Is it possible that the little bubbles in the water kept my hair from sinking as it would normally(I could see bubbles all of my hair)? Maybe my hair is in better condition now than before?

I'm just confused.
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    The strand test is supposed to be very unreliable. The best test for your porosity isn't just how many bumps are on it but how is behaves. If it gets saturated quickly and dries quickly you're probably porous. Also if it absorbs product readily. That's me and I got a hair analysis and it verified it as highly porous, if that helps. :thumbup:
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