Anybody wash at night? (and 2nd day hair Q)

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I'm just starting CG (2 days ago) with 2b hair and trying to figure out a routine. I generally shower in the evening after I put my kids to bed. I'm wondering if any other wavy ladies wash at night and how you manage to keep your waves/curls for the AM? I finally used enough gel to get a good cast/crunch but I'm sure it will soften up over night. Do you make sure your hair is all the way dry before bed or is slightly damp OK? If dry, do you SOTC before your pineapple (if you do) or just leave it crunchy?

I'm ordering a silk pillowcase to help a bit with frizz and will try pineapple-ing tonight. Is this all everyone does or am I missing something important?

Along the same lines, the next morning (and for 2nd/3rd day unwashed hair) do you just mist with water and scrunch to reactivate waves or do you add more leave in, gel, etc? Right now I'm co-washing nightly but would like to start skipping at least one day.


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    I shower in the evening as well. I like to use enough gel to keep it very crunch throughout the night. I normally find that if I pineapple my hair wet, it is all flat and weird curls in the morning, so I like to make sure it's dry before bed. Once it's dry, I pineapple and leave it crunchy! I leave it crunchy because sleeping on it takes a lot of it out for you. In the morning, I decide how my hair looks and depending on the morning, I spritz with water and scrunch. Almost every time I take extra gel just to the ends and scrunch.
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    I shower in the evening as well. I'm fairly new to it and still trying to figure things out myself, but I have found that showering at night is much easier than showering in the morning with a 6 month old baby ;)

    I have found that my hair doesn't like being spritzed with goes all frizzy. Depending on your hair type, however, it may work for you. I have a lot of fine, low-po hair and scrunching with a wet wash cloth in the morning works better for me. I use more gel at night and a smaller amount in the morning after re-wetting, but I only SOTC in the morning. I plop PM and AM.

    I sometimes have to go to bed with damp hair. When I do this, I LOOSELY pile my hair on top of my head and either use a jaw clip or twist clips to hold it in place. I prefer this over regular pineappling because my curls don't dry in weird positions.

    Hope this helps! Keep us updated on what you're finding to work for you...I would love to hear!
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    I've always showered at night and let my hair air dry while I sleep. The next morning my hair usually looks pretty squished :blah5: So then I use a method in the morning that I read about here....use a warm, wet washcloth to wet and scrunch my hair rather than a water bottle, which just makes me frizzy. The water perks up my wave and reactivates any product I have in my hair. Then I diffuse a bit to dry it, scrunch out any new crunch and I'm good to go! I'm only a 2b, but I'm always amazed how well this works and how much body I leave the house with. Hope this can give you a new idea to try!
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    I agree, I recently tried the wash cloth rather than spray bottle. Amazing!
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    I'm a 3, but I shower at night. I get dirty at work.

    I put product in my hair in my usual amounts, plop in a Curl Ease towel, and sleep in the plop. When I get up, I take off the towel and just sort my hair into place. My hair will still be damp, but is usually dry pretty quickly after taking off the towel.

    I sleep in a satin bonnet for 2nd day hair and beyond.
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    I use the washcloth method. I was at night and sleep in pigtail braids. Then in the morning I run a microfiber washcloth through hot water and then scrunch my hair with the washcloth. I love it! Then I put some gel on top and scrunch through to hold some shape and scrunch out the crunch if it dries crunchy.

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