Has anyone tried Shea Moisture Yucca and Baobab anti breakage masque?

Trying to figure out if my hair likes protein and how much, iv seen results with the gelatin treatment but was wondering whether a masque would give good/better results?


  • longlivecurlslonglivecurls Posts: 271Registered Users
    I just recently purchased the milk. This is the first time I try this line I usually use the curl line. I have seen reviews that say it really does make hair thicker. Not sure how the masque is but I saw a review on YouTube by Lolakinkz saying it works well. Hope it helps :)
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    I do! I use it whenever my curls are looking stringy and need a boost. Some protein usually does the trick. I like it, smells great too.

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    Thanks! :) think I'm going to have to try it now starting to become a bit of a product junkie! Oh dear
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    Welcome to the club lol I'm trying to restrain myself from buying any more till I'm done with what I have don't see that happening tho :toothy8:
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    When i first used this product it had more of a watery/lotion consistency. However, after picking up a jar of this Target, the consistency is much THICKER!! The product still works the same, its just more difficult to distribute through my hair. But outside of that, my hair still loves this product. I use it once a month and have been using the product for a year now.
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    I use this once in a while, it's nice! I love the smell.
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    Although I really like the shampoo from this line, the masque was less successful for me. It's not awful and it smells nice, but I don't feel a noticeable difference in my hair after using it. My hair likes protein but not so much the heavy butters in this masque. I'm a wavy rather than strongly curly, so that may be why. I've gotten better results doing an overnight DT with coconut oil every week (or month - gotten off schedule lately) and using a protein rich RO each time I wash my hair. If you like butters and protein I suspect you'd like this masque, however.
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    I have used the SM Baobab and Yucca line and I love the shampoo, everything else in the line is just okay for me and not "OMFG this is awesome". I am kind of over the smell too. I loved it at first, but the other day I just did a conditioner only wash n go with the conditioner from this line and my hair was soft, but it stunk. Nay okay.

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    For some reason it made my head really itchy. That's the first time any product did that to me and I've tried a LOT :-/
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