Newbie 3c/3b metalhead from California

Hi everyone :toothy8: I'm new to the site (and to curly hair) and I live in a sea-side town in Central California. My dad is Native American and Creole and my mom is African-American and also Creole.

I've got some pretty insane 3b and 3c combo curls growing on my head, but I never knew what they looked like IRL until a few weeks ago because my mom couldn't handle/deal with/tolerate my hair as a child and forced me into a relaxer at age 9, which is where I stayed until I was 22 and started transitioning out of it. I'm 25 now and for the past ten months I wore dreadlocks. I did love them, but recent unemployment inspired me to go natural, so I combed them out. Now I'm stuck with this crazy soft, insanely frizzy, combination curly hair and I've not a clue what to do with it, how to care for it or how to get it to 'behave itself'.

My folks consider my natural hair 'ugly' and 'unkempt' and in my mothers words 'ratchet' so I'm in for quite a wild ride. If you hadn't guessed by my profile name, I do LOVE metal and I LOVE to headbang so my curls will have to be pretty tough to withstand the cigarette smoke, spilled beer(yes, i've had beer spilled in my hair on accident before), zipper and stud catching and the general craziness that goes along with the lifestyle. I can't wait to get out and explore the forums and see what to do with my hair.

Btw my name is Marlee. Don't know if I mentioned that. Nice to meet you ladies (and gents)!


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    Welcome, Marlee! This is a great site to find all the info you are looking for. Finding the right products for your hair can take some time and patience. Many of us use either no shampoo or sulfate free shampoo and conditioners without silicones. If you know your hair properties it will make the process a little easier. Hair properties includes information like texture and porosity. 3C describes your curl pattern. That's helpful information when it comes to styling but isn't likely to help much when choosing products. These links may be helpful to you:

    Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics
    Curly Hair Tips, Styles & Products - NaturallyCurly

    Fine hair responds differently to products than coarse hair. If you can narrow down your hair properties, we may be better able to help you with recommendations.

    Good luck to you and keep us posted on your progress!
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    Hi Marlee! Welcome! ^^

    I'm also a metal fan. :)
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    Hiiiii! I'm new too and a metal fan. Woop ~:toothy10:
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