Dancing with the Stars cast announced...boooo

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I guess I'll root for Aly.

Kelli Pickler is cute/funny so hopefully she'll be great with Derek.

If only Betty Broderick had gotten parole in 2011. She would have been fantastic. (Kidding. Kinda. Not really.)

Dancing With the Stars Season 16 Cast Revealed: Lisa Vanderpump, Wynonna Judd, Jacoby Jones and More! -


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    Andy Dick? Seriously? :laughing8:


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    might be time to stop running this show - they appear to be scraping the bottom of the barrel!

    that said, i'll be rooting for Dorothy Hamil!

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    lisa vanderpump really?? lameeeee

    zendaya coleman?? I might watch because her shake it up show is cute. LOL....she's also my celeb twin:laughing2:, only because a girl tried to get my autograph once at work and insisted I was her....(I just realized that means once again I've been mistaken for a teenager! :angry2:)
  • munchkinmunchkin Posts: 2,909Registered Users
    Not much of a list except for Ingo Rademacher for all of us General Hospital fans. . . I love him! Love that they put the two Australians (Ingo and Kym) together as a team. Now if General Hospital would only bring him back.
  • RedCatWavesRedCatWaves Posts: 31,258Registered Users
    I've never seen even one episode of this show. I think I'll continue my streak.
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    I find this show so drawn out one whole show for dancing and another for judging, the judging show is just so boring. I think it's a great idea that some of the contestants have fun and get in great shape but are some of them even Stars? I don't consider many of the contestants that have been on relevant anymore it's almost like they can't get anyone else on the show. Some of them no doubt try very hard to learn the steps but they come out and they are as stiff and talentless as a board. Good effort but not entertaining. I like watching the professional dancers, other then that I don't watch.
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    They'll supposedly announce Bachelor Sean and his partner Peta sometime soon.
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