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What mascara do you use? I use the cheap stuff in the pink tube with a green top (Maybelline?). I want to try something new, but with all of these new lash enhancing, thickening, blah, blah, I don't know which one to try next.

What do you recommend?


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    at the minute i have L'oreal double extension mascara- its good i like it!!make sure you comb your lashes after you leave plenty of time for it to dry though!
    curli bounce xx
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    I use Maybelline Great Lash also. I suppose it's not the best mascara going BUT.... when I went to a Bobbi Brown make up artist, she said that it's best to go with a cheap mascara and change it frequently (buy another each month and dispose of the old one) so that you don't accumulate bacteria and get eye infections. Sounded like good advice to me.
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    I'm really happy my cousin reccomended this mascara. I'm also kinda surprised I hadn't and don't here that much about it. The white side is like a conditioner/elongator that you apply first, then coat it with the regular ol black or brown stuff. It's really the white coat where my lashes appear longer, but the dark coat helps define them and seperates.

    L'Oreal Double Extend Lash Extender & Magnifier Mascara

    Anyone else try this stuff?
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    i use that, i think its really good. :)
    curli bounce xx
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    I LOVE Maybelline Great Lash. In waterproof since I'm weepy.
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    I'm currently using Max Factor Stretch & Separate... it does a great job of stretching and separating :lol: My only complaint is it isn't very dark (even the rich black) and doesn't layer very nicely.

    I also love Wet 'n' Wild MegaWink! It creates dramatic, feathery lashes for $2.19! It isn't waterproof though :(
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    another vote for max factors. it really does the job.
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    Any recommendations for a good 'starter' mascara? I'm not very good with it, and I'd like to start using it. I just don't want it to look obvious (too long, too clumpy, too gloppy).

    And I just saw a commercial for L'oreal Double Extend Mascara. Anyone tried this?

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    I usually buy drugstore mascaras.

    I really like Maybelline's Sky High Curves and Loreal's Voluminous and Lash Architect.

    I get the same results with these as I do with department store brands, so I pick one up at the DS and then I have extra money to use for something else!
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    I have tried sozens and dozens of mascara...dept store and drugstore. My favorite ones are:

    For Thickening: Annabelle (Canadian) $

    For Lengthening: Maybelline Illegal Lengths $

    For an everyday. more natural look: Clinique Naturally Glossy $$$

    For a splurge...but it seems to be no dofferent than the others that I suggested: Make Up For Ever Lengthening $$$$
    3A all the way!

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