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I was just thinking of how unfair it would be (gay equality issues aside cause that's way too much of a serious business downer for a hair community), that if I wanted get married tomorrow *and* have long hair I'd have to straighten it to blend it with my straight or less curly extensions. It appears that isn't so and I can have my natural hair and my princess length at the same time...which is pretty much why I want to grow it long anyway. They don't seem to have my hair type spot on, I think I'm a bit more curly, but I can blend and if they exist I'm sure other sites do too.

How awesome is that? Why am I behind on all the curly things? I need to work on that :p.
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    This is blowing my mind. Natural black hair extensions. That's awesome. Especially for people transitioning. You should go repost it there.
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