i want my curly back

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i wanted to share my expirence about how i want my hair back. I had 3c and 3b hair and i had a head full of hair. But i thought that if I'm going to maintain it and blow dry and straighten it i have to perm it and my hair got short and i had uneven hair now. I have been perming my hair for 2 years and been blow drying and straightning for 3 years. I have stopped now with perming but every two weeks i blow dry my hair but i wash it more and leave conditioner to sit in it . What product do i use ? I need help ? how do i get my curls back ?:female:


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    I'm no expert but try daily leave in conditioner, a protective style and a no heat regimen. Hair grows around 1/2 inch a mth so over time it'll grow back in.
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    I don't know what state your hair is in now but that sounds like me a couple of years ago. If you blowdry/straighten too much your hair will be permanently damaged. STOP USING HEAT.
    If your current hair is already damaged there isn't much you can do to bring it back to its former glory. You either have to cut it off or grow it out. If your problem is dryness a regular deep-condition and silicone-free daily conditioning will help. I hope you'll get your curls back! :)