Calling all 2c's- best products & techniques!

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Hi fellow 2c's!
I've been following the CG method since June 2012, but I just finally have joined you all online. So glad to be a part of the curly girl community! I've only been sticking to the DevaCurl line of products for the past 8 months of following CG method, but am looking now to try products that other 2c's have found work for them! What are your favorite products?!

One issue I have is that the first inch or two from my roots generally refuses to curl. Also, there's an underlayer of hair in the back that is flat and only wavy. I don't know if this is just from my hair type or if I simply haven't learned how the right routine for my hair yet. Thoughts?? How do you get curl definition and volume at the top?

Plopping with a microfiber towel gives me mixed results. When I do it during a wash and go, it always makes my hair noticeably frizzier. When I do it overnight, I get great curl definition, but my roots are stuck FLAT against my head :/ not exactly what I was going for... What have your plopping experiences been like? How is diffusing/pixie method for you all?

Post the products, techniques and tips that have helped you the most so we all gain from each other's experiences!!! :)
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    Hi shalomcurls I'm a 2c and use the giovanni hair line I love! Especially the gel and conditioner leave in is ok. Plus the gel leaves your hair crunchy at first but then in like a hour it becomes into soft curls. Also, I use the shampoo and conditioner line I flip my hair over my head and poor gel into my hand and crunch. Then I grab a old teacher and scrunch and my hair is frizz free. I love this method I Found it out on youtube the deva curl 3 step. I never do the plopping because it doesn't work for my hair.
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    Sorry, I couldn't help but notice that you grab an old teacher...:D
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    Hahah omg my bad hahah that is embarrassing I just noticed that too I ment an old t-shirt. Haha
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    My hair is very similar to yours. 2c/3a-y. I shower at night so I don't know if this will be helpful or not. But I use tresseme naturals conditioner and deva no-poo. ( I'm sorry to say that for me at least, this is un-replaceable and worth every penny). When I get in the shower, I first condition and finger detangle while the conditioner is in my hair. Then I rinse. Then use the no poo. Then I condition again and leave the conditioner in my hair while I'm doing other shower stuff. When I'm done, I rinse the conditioner mostly out and add macademia natural oil curl reviving cream. (On amazon for around 8 dollars) then I scrunch a little. On top of that, I use la looks nutra curl gel (like, 3 dollars). I use a lot of gel because I sleep on my hair. Next I plop with a big t shirt. I leave it in for like, an hour or so. Then I take it out. I normally shower aronund 4:30 or 5 so that by the time I go to bed my hair is mostly dry. Before I go to bed, I pineapple with a scrunchy. When I get up in the morning, I let my hair down, spritz my hair with water, and scrunch the ends with gel, and goooo. When I get to school or work (depending on the day) I flip my head upside down and "unscrunch the crunch. " Btw, I apply all product upside down. When applying gel, if you tilt your head to the right and left while scrunching, it gives you better product distribution and you can scrunch closer to the scalp which may help with curling toward the top, it did for me. When I cut my hair, it curled a lot more also. But I understand not wanting to do that. My hair use to be super long, now just under my shoulders, but growing quickly and more healthy. Hope this helps!
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