less expensive replacement for Kerastase Oleo curl DT?

I had been using Kerastase for DT with good results but I had gotten it for a deep discount. I'm not willing to spend $50 for conditioner so now looking for a replacement product.
One online article suggested that Kerastase is a L'Oreal line and other L'Oreal products could be comparable - e.g., Loreal Vive Pro Smooth Intense conditioning treatment. But this product is no longer available.
So I'm considering one of the L'Oreal "Ever" lines.

Eversleek Smoothing DT (no cones)
Everstrong Deep Replenishing Masque

I saw some very positive results on Makeupalley for L'oreal Nature's Therepy Mega Moisturizing Nurishing Cream. It has cones but I shampoo so SB OK?

Does anyone know which of these would be better (or if there is something else that would be comparable to the Kerastase Oleo Curl)? I'm 3A and moisture is my biggest concern. I don't know whether my hair likes protein.

thanks for any advice