Boyfriend/Husband Birthday Gift Ideas

ScrawnyCurlyScrawnyCurly Posts: 27Registered Users
My amazing boyfriends birthday is in April and I need help in deciding what to get him.

He's eighteen and loves music.

I was thinking about a customized ( engraved name ) microphone but it's like one hundred or more dollars.

He has dreads so I thought maybe natural hair products but he doesn't really care about that. I really really want to buy him some olive oil.

I need help. What would you buy your boyfriend or husband for his birthday ?

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    I would get creative, the cost doesn't matter.

    For my 18th birthday my then boyfriend, now husband, bought me a 'save the sea turtle' license plate for my car. That continues to be one of my favorite gifts I ever received. He had obviously thought outside the box for something specific I would love.

    What are his interests? Likes/loves? What is he passionate about?
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    Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master! :lol:
  • ScrawnyCurlyScrawnyCurly Posts: 27Registered Users
    I would love that. He's not the kind who likes drawings etc. He loses the things I make for him.

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    I think the best gifts are something that a person wants but would never buy for themselves, or that a person doesn't even know they want. Some of the gifts I've bought my boyfriend are stylish clothes (because I know he likes to look good, but hates shopping and has no idea what will look good on him), a briefcase after he started law school (because he was probably gonna end up carrying an old computer bag into his mock court thing, and he just wouldn't know where to buy a briefcase or how to pick out a nice one), the Walking Dead comic book collection books (he loves 'em, but they're frivolous and he just wouldn't go buy them for himself), and my favorite thing I ever bought him--throw pillows with the Constitution and Bill of Rights on them (we needed throw pillows for the office, and I found one with a cool old map on it, and he was like "nah. what's the deal with an old map? Maybe if you found the Bill of Rights on a pillow. Now THAT would be relevant. hahaha". And then I found it and bought it!).

    Anyway, I find the closer you are to a person, the more useless other people's suggestions are. If you need ideas on what to buy a random kid's school teacher, or a distant cousin's baby shower, or whatever, then people will have great suggestions. But no one is really going to come up with something personal enough for someone you potentially know really well.
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