UK curlies- need hair dryer with diffuser recs

I just moved to the UK and am looking for a hairdryer for my dry type 2b with some 3a hair. I bought one and it was horrible. The lowest setting was too hot (medium heat) and too powerful and left my hair a mess (frizzy, unevenly curly, frizzy and dry). Now I am kind of scared to try another one especially when some of them cost 50-60 pounds which is a lot of $$$. Any recommendations?

I am looking at this one:
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  • sxosxo Posts: 6Registered Users
    i have the remington keratin one. i've never been able to dry my hair without it being frizzy but that one seems to keep the frizz in check, it was half price at boots when i bought it, i'd completely recommend it x
  • rubydamselflyrubydamselfly Posts: 4Registered Users
    Thanks, sxo. I will probably get the keratin one. Not from Boots as it is 50 pounds right now.