I Improvised with Vegetable Oil!

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Hi! I'm a curly natural, my hair's texture is mainly 3b, and in some areas 3a and 3c..anywho I co wash my hair weekly and do protein treatments once every 3 weeks and deep condition biweekly.. I cowash with either suave naturalls or vo5, and then i use Tresseme Naturals Avacodo Silocone Free Condish.. I leave it in my hair and seal it in with oils, usually evoo or coconut..however last week we had car troubles and my hubby works full time, and i couldn;t get to the store, so I used vegetable oil instead..and when my hair dried, O My GOD..it was so freakin shiny, and it felt so soft smooth and moisturized, but not weighed down or heavy ... I love love love love love it! I researched and found that it is actually good for the hair. and I just wanted to share my experience because sometimes you just might have to improvise:) My hair still smelled wonderful, like the Tresseme Conditioner, the VO didn't leave a smell to it or anything...at night i re-dampen the ends of my hair and put more vegetable oil..im so loving it.. The one i used listed the ingredients as pure soybean oil, all natural.

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