How to protect your hair when you are a competition ballerina

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Hey everyone I am a competitive ballet dancer and dance forty hours a week and every day I am forced to completely brush my hair out and coat it in heaps of gel and hairspray. It is totally necessary to wash my hair everyday but I was wondering if anyone else has to deal with this and has any tips. Anything you have to say would be much appreciated!!


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    I know girls who braid their hair and wear buns for dancing. You could use one of those things to make a "perfect bun" it completely takes all my curls out of the way.
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    Some thoughts, as a former competitive gymnast and someone who works on a national dance competition tour (and therefore I observe a lot of dancers and their hair):

    1. Sweat, while makes you feel dirty, is actually clean. SO...while you probably have to wet your hair to get the gel and gunk out every day, you really may not need to wash it. A good scalp scrubbing and some conditioner should do the trick.

    2. That being said, using CG friendly and water soluble products will mean that it will be easier to get them out of your hair.

    3. I'm not sure where you live, or how thick your hair is, but on meet days, I always pulled my hair back while it was wet. Sure, it took forever for my bun to dry, but it was waaaay easier to pull out the curl, get my head smooth, and it used a lot less gel to get a good solid hair helmet.
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    Thanks ya'll I shall try and see if these things work!
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    I agree and also you can try slicking your hair back with product/cream and not gel, therefore you won't have to worry about it being dirty.