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Hi Guys, im new here so i hope i do it all good :).. So all the time i tried natural products in my hair because i dont wanna use silicones anymore. I tried: Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie, ecostyler, mixed chicks leave in conditioner, tigi curls rock amplifier. But all of this products doesnt really work for my hair. When i use this products i dont get volume and my hair is going be flat. I dont like the results.

The products i used before they really worked for me. But they had much of silicones. I really dont know what to use anymore and all the products all so expensive.

I just wanna have beautifull curls and volume. Here u can see my hair on this picture. Normally i have much of curls and volume to.

Thanks all for the advice and im sorry for my bad English.


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    why don't you try a sulfate free shampoo to give your hair volume ?
    i have curly fine hair so i like to use a gentle shampoo. but make sure the ingredient used to clean the hair is safe . if your going to use the sulfate free shampoo and still wants to use your regular hair products .. you can!

    watch the last video for waterlily716 she explained everything

    Curly Girl Video Addendum - Silicones, Sulfates, & Solubility - YouTube

    also first time you get into CG routine you can go with over moisturizing your hair but once your hair become healthy and less dry you should moisturize your hair less and use a light conditioner

    + good haircut + mousse is lighter on the hair it's going to give you more volume than using gel
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    Did you consider going CG? There is a lot of information on this website about the shampoo free method, but also about other things that influence your hair, like proteïn and humectants.
    highlighted 3a hair. Fine strands, medium to high density. Probably high porosity. Growing uit bad layering and aiming for waist lenght!

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