Stylist in Skokie, IL

curlygirly987curlygirly987 Registered Users Posts: 2
Hi so I live in skokie and i want to go to a new styslist who is good for 2b hair. My stylist now basically gives the same haircut to everyone unless you specify an extreme haircut. I don't want to go to anyone to pricey. If anyone knows any great hair stylist around Skokie, IL please let me know!!!


  • CurlyMJCurlyMJ Registered Users Posts: 193
    I'm from Skokie too! Well I don't live there anymore but went to jr high and high school there :)
    Anyway, check out Curls and Company. It's in Chicago but they follow the curly girl method and are a Deva salon. Stylist Laneeta usually has a groupon for first time clients. Good luck!
  • curlygirly987curlygirly987 Registered Users Posts: 2
    thanks so much i'm for sure gonna check it out! did you use a junior or senior stylist?

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