How do I get more volume?

Patatina13Patatina13 Posts: 18Registered Users
Hey girls I was wondering if anyone knew of any products or ways of styling hair to get more volume. My hair is 3a 3b but mostly 3b and almost to my waist when it is curly. Thank you!


  • AwYeahhAwYeahh Posts: 15Registered Users
    I get crazy volume when I put clips under my hair while its drying. I do it when I put a middle part and people always ask how do I tease my hair. I don't know that's what works for me.
  • Patatina13Patatina13 Posts: 18Registered Users
    Thank you! Do you find a diffuser helps at all?
  • AwYeahhAwYeahh Posts: 15Registered Users
    Totally! I just do it much but I have done it when I'm in a rush :D
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    Maybe have a few long layers cut in around the top of your head so that there is some lighter-weight hair mixed in with all the long hair? All that weight is pulling your hair down flat. My hair is 3a and waist length, too.

    Search for the pixiecurl method of drying--this works best for me

    Duckbill clips at the roots before and during drying?

    Suave Professionals Captivating Curls Whipped Cream Mousse

    Honestly, I have to flip my "bangs" and the hair at the top of my head to one side in order to create volume. Kind of a dated, wild lion's mane look. I'm okay with it, though. Not very polished or professional some might say. But, I don't care much about what some might say. :headbang:
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    New here..... anyway try lifting the hair from your scalp and use any mousse on there (preferably volumizing) or you could try the same thing buy with hairspray
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    Say you do your hair at night time and then when you wake up it isn't as voluminous as you may want it if you leave it the same way for a day or two it will get more volume with each passing day.:cya:
  • GoldWavesGoldWaves Posts: 50Registered Users
    Root clips and diffusing are both good for volume.
  • MedusaWarriorMedusaWarrior Posts: 66Registered Users
    Have you tried scrunching your hair whilst it's flipped forward and upside down? I don't know if I've explained that position correctly?
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