this routine/product combo really starts to work for me

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I started CG approximately 2 months ago, and seem to have found a product combination that works for me. With a bit of work before going to bed every night, I can get decent 2nd day and 3rd day hair.

Conditioner Only: Tressemee moisture
Leave in: shea moisture coconut & hibiscus curl & hold smoothie
Style: KCCC

Plop for over one hour.

Then diffuse to approximately 70% dry, then dry naturally.


Every 2 weeks or so, i use use sophate free shampoo (shea moisture) to clean my scalp.

2nd day or 3rd day hair:

I spray my hair with water at night (just enough to re-activiate the products), apply a very small amount of gel and shea moisture hibiscus, plop for 30 minutes or so with a microfiber cloth. My hair drys naturaly within one hour. i go to bed with my hair pineappled. When i wake up the next day, i scrunch out the gel cast. good to go. very wavy.

The picture is my 3rd day hair at night. It was better in the morning.

I am still leaning. Thanks for everyone for your support. Also my waves have becoming more defined after 2 months.
2a/b, low porosity, medium density, coarse


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    Hey, way to go! Your hair looks very good :) I just started CG a week ago and am trying to master a technique. I'm glad this is working out so well for you. It's interesting that you prepare your hair at night so that it looks better the next morning. I might try that :D
    2b/c, fine, low-med porosity
    Co-Wash: Live Clean Fresh Water Conditioner
    Leave-In: Yes To Carrots Leave-in Conditioner
    Styler: Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse, FSG, GF Pure Clean Gel

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