Anyone Try Got2b Beach Trippin?

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I just bought this on a whim. I sprayed some in my dry hair. It smells ok...not too overpowering. My hair seems a bit fuller....I guess more wavy. My only complaint is that it comes out in a stream...not a spray so it was impossible for me to distribute it evenly.
Also not sure if the ingredients are CG friendly.
They are:
Aqua, Peg-8, sodium chloride, magnesium sulfate, VP/VA copolymer, PVP, phenoxy-ethanol, peg-60, hydrogenated castor oil, lactic acid, methylisothiazolinone, parfum


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    It looks like it's cg friendly, magnesium sulfate is the same as epsom salt a natural mineral and it's used in a lot of curl activators.

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    I'd like to try it. I wonder if the nozzle can either be adjusted or replaced?
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    I'm sure you could transfer it to another spray bottle with a wider nozzle if needed :)
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    I used it for the second time today. What I did was spray it into my hands, rub them together, then scrunch it into my hair. Since my waves are so lose it gave my hair l more body but didn't really enhance the waves. I had a little bit of crunch but not bad. The price was cheap (I got in Walmart) under $5.
    I've got to experiment with it more.
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    anything new? any better results?

    I just saw this in the grocery store and gasped! Seriously, this spray looks sooooo good, and I'm a big fan of got2b products! I just bought AG beach bomb and it is too heavy, I don't like it very much.

    Enter got2b Beach Trippin, Exit AG beach bomb!

    I haven't bought it yet. however, time is running out! the spray is on sale at Superstore until Thursday. If I read plenty of good reviews in time, I might hurry out and buy it. Honestly, I didn't even see it on the shelf it was so far back! Looks like people are buying it!

    I'm so excited. :D
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