I think I just need help with everything:(

My hair type is about a 3b to a 3c and I have the worst time with it. My hair is super thick too, just to make things more difficult. I wish that it wasn't as thick so I can manage it better, and I wish that my curls weren't so tight, not to mention the frizz. What should I do? I don't really want to put chemicals in my hair to relax it or anything unless there is a better way to do so. I also heard that if I layer my hair it will feel not as thick, I'm just hesitant to do it I guess. I've tried quite a few products and I'm just not as happy with them as I want to be... My Nana just got me Wen and I have no idea if its doing anything for me, I'm going to continue with it and see how that goes, but I just don't know what to do. Please help if you can! I greatly appreciate it:)


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    Embrace your curls! Hang around, learn about your hair. There is tons of info on this site. For most of us it's all about trial and error when it comes to products. Learn about technique, combing in the shower, plopping, etc. I saw the biggest difference in my hair with technique alone. Welcome!
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    I used to use Wen and I thought it was a miracle worker. I was like, "Wait. . . I can actually detangle my hair now? Alert the media!" Little did I know. My hair is much happier and more manageable since going CG. I recommend looking up the CG method. (Or at least learning how decreasing shampoo and/or sulfate use might work for you. Wen is a great product in that sense.)

    How to Follow the Curly Girl Method for Curly Hair: 15 steps

    I also learned a lot from watching waterlily716 on youtube my first few weeks of CG. That was great for my type of curl and properties. (Thick, porous hair with a 3A curl type.) I recommend looking up someone with a hair texture similar to yours. I think I might have one. I looked up a review on a gel I bought last week and landed on this chick:

    In Review: Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha - YouTube

    Ignore that that's a product review. She obviously has other videos and she seems very funny and helpful. And she looks like a 3C to me. My best recommendation is research. It takes a few weeks for everything to come together but my hair started looking much better right away. It was like night and day. It used to be too frizzy and ill defined to wear naturally. I always had to straighten it. Now I wouldn't dream of straightening my hair! That seems so boring when I have all these bouncy shiny curls around me.

    Also do you know your hair properties yet? How porous or thick the stands are? How elastic? Check out for that. It's a great website.

    Okay here's the main channel. Sorry I spazzed and was so lazy:

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