Organicals Touchably Soft Conditioning Gel

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Touchably Soft Conditioning Gel

I've used this a few times and really like it. Today, I finally remembered to use the Marshmallow Moisture Balm as my first product on. Put the Touchably Soft Conditioning Gel on top. The feel is a little gritty when you emulsify it, but it drys clear and with no issues.

Our temps are in the high 40's today. Right now, the dewpoint is 41 and the humidity is 90. It's rained since noon. My hair got wet a few times while doing errands. Have to say, it looked really good and stayed looking good all day. (I'm a week overdue for a haircut.) I would definitely repurchase this product.

It's an unscented base, so would be good for those with "scent" issues. It's the most "pourable" of all of the ITDF products that I purchased (total of 7.)
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    I also liked the Touchably Soft Conditioning Gel. The texture of this gel is a little easier to work with than the ITDF Curl Defining Gel. The CDG is a little rubbery. Of the two, I did find the CDG gave me more hold and tighter curls, but the Touchably Soft is a great product to have in my rotation. When I use it, I use a medium-strong hold gel. With the CDG, a lighter hold gel is all I use.
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    Too many favourite products to list ... I finally have my routine that works and alot of products to choose from. My product stash is huge, but well loved !!!

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