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Maintenance and care for Starter Locs?

Roni1Roni1 Registered Users Posts: 1
Yesterday i got comb/gel twists in my hair and I'd like some tips and advice for daily maintanence.

P.S They're already starting to come loose in the back of my neck. What can i do about this? Should i just leave them alone.

Also the only thing i have to cover my hair is a wig/nylon cap i found in my house but i think it's to small for my hair ( parts of my twists stick out because they're too long) so i have to bunch my hair.into the cap. Is this a bad idea?

Thanks for any advice :)


  • kaybkayb Registered Users Posts: 5,054
    I started mine with twists and found that for the most part they stayed put. Sadly, I cannot offer much advice via coils. Maybe a satin pillowcase?

    As for daily maintenance I left them alone in the initial stages. I was spritzing with water put found that it made my hair extra fuzzy.
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  • SurlycurlySurlycurly Registered Users Posts: 156
    Mine were started with finger coils. Like kayb said, I would try to leave them alone as much as possible. Unfortunately, some may come untwisted a little. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can just re-twist the ones that come unravelled. If not, then you can have your loctician or whoever did your locs re-twist them at your next visit. As far as coverings, I used a satin bonnet in the beginning and that worked ok. If they're too long for that, then try a silk or satin head scarf.

    Hope that helps and enjoy your locs!

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