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Newly natural and in DESPERATE need of help! :(

NewlyNaturalGNewlyNaturalG Posts: 50Registered Users
Hello all! I am a 14 (going to be 15 in a month or so) year old girl that just recently went natural. This is my story: I like to consider myself natural even though I have like 3cm of perm left (I want a professional to cut the rest off!). I probably started perming my hair when I was like 8 years old, so I don't know if it is scab hair is growing out of my head, but my hair is DRY no matter what! And I feel that the reason my hair is not growing is it is dry 100% of the time (and because of my excessive use of weaves). My last perm was in mid-July (don't know the exact date) of 2011. I started using sew-ins in 7th at about age 12-13. I first started using sew-ins just because it looked cute or whatever but then when I started to transition I depended on it because I did not know how to style my hair period, let alone with two different textures because I rarely wore my hair out even when I was relaxed (which is also why I never used heat when I was relaxed/natural). My hair is only about 5-6 inches long when on average it should be about 9.5 inches long (if my hair were to grow the average 1/2 inch per month). I am seriously so frustrated. I never had a problem with dry hair until I became natural. I try my best to use all natural products but they don't work! I use Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing smoothie (for Moisturizing), Shea Moisture Anti-Breakage Masque (for deep conditioning), Bentonite Clay w/Apple Cider Vinegar (I basically use this for my "shampoo") and I seal with oils like Coconut, Olive, and Castor Oil. But my hair feels as if it has never received ANY proper care or love EVER. It even feels dry even WITH water in it. I don't know how to explain it properly but when there is water in it, it feels like...DRY, and hard, and breakable and THIN and just plain DAMAGED. I don't use ANY heat considering I'm always hiding my hair in full sew-ins. I do things like washing in sections, finger detangling using a wide toothed comb, and even using homemade conditioners like the egg, mayo, honey, olive oil, other oil(s) deep conditioner, the yogurt, apple cider vinegar, honey, oil(s) deep conditioner, and I even tried just using coconut oil as a conditioner by itself, but nothing worked! I thought it was a protein problem so I bought the Aphogee Two-Step protein treatment. It didn't do anything either. I tried making a homemade fluffy shea butter mix with TONS of awesome oils but it did nothing! I tried an apple cider vinegar rinse for one time only and it did not do anything. And in case if it was a moisture problem, I tried the KeraCare Humecto Cream Conditioner (In the yellow-ish bottle), but it didn't do anything either! All these methods I have tried left my hair feel a TAD soft but in a minute or so (sometimes when it's still wet), it'd be horribly dry again! But the health of my hair has probably deterioated because now WATER barely does anything! I know my hair is porous. A while back I tried the hair-sinking-in-water test and when I would just drop my hair in the water it would float but when I would fully submerge the strand in water it would sink...then after some minutes or so it would float back up by ITSELF (I didn't know that was able to happen haha). But it seems as if the protein I tried (like the egg, yogurt, aphogee) did NOTHING. I also want to try the Kenra chilating shampoo because maybe the reason why nothing works is because there are too many minerals "clogging" my hair strands? I have 4b/4c hair for the most part I think and feel like it is forever dry. Should I just cut it all off? I want to try biotin pills to see if the health of my hair will improve because I have to admit I have a terrible diet. But even with my terrible diet my hair should not feel as if I have NEVER cared for it (I mean seriously I can expect some frizz or breakage here and there but this is just ridiculous). My hair is so SO dry that it does break a LOT (to put it lightly). I REALLY want to take this weave off and start wearing my natural hair out after about 2 years of hiding it under a weave NON-STOP. But because it's SUPER dry, I am too embarrassed to show it to anyone outside close family. It's not even the length that bothers me, it's the HEALTH of my hair. I want my hair to be long but I know that since it's not HEALTHY I can never continue my hair growth journey (and healthy hair journey of course). My hair has never really been long-probably the longest length I've ever had in my life is neck/collar bone length. I really want to have a BIG, BEAUTIFUL, BRA STRAP-LENGTH (when straightened) head of hair by the time I'm like a Junior in high school (I'm a freshman now). But if my hair continues to be like this I will have to keep hiding it under the cheap, ratty, 14$/a pack of WEAVE for sew-ins. I'm at my wits end to be honest. Sometimes I feel like if I perm it again it'll get soft again, although I know that's not the case. :lol: PLEASE HELP! And if you read through this whole novel, thank you JUST for that! :) (p.s. Should I have posted this in the Curly Teens section? I'm new to this website but hoped I could receive help from grown, knowledgeable women!)


  • Amethyst_KissesAmethyst_Kisses Posts: 67Registered Users
    Hey :') I experienced the same thing when I was transitioning. Basically you need to deep condition with a moisturizing deep conditioner with a plastic cap to moisturize ur hair from the inside out. Second, I tried the green house effect and it helped tremendously with moisture. I basically moisturized and sealed and then applied a shower can and bonnet and in the morning take it off and style.
  • Amethyst_KissesAmethyst_Kisses Posts: 67Registered Users
  • Imani530Imani530 Posts: 58Registered Users
    On YouTube there is this channel called glamtwinz334 and they give a lot of great tips on how to deal with dryness,transitioning, and great products to use.
  • BosslaydeeBosslaydee Posts: 28Registered Users
    Imani530 wrote: »
    On YouTube there is this channel called glamtwinz334 and they give a lot of great tips on how to deal with dryness,transitioning, and great products to use.

    They've got greaaaatt hair. Ive been subscribed for awhile :)

    Their tips are actually very direct and helpful :D
    :toothy4:4a/3c mix.:toothy4:

    BC: 09/28/12 :occasion9:
    growing everyday.

    one step at a time.. :sleepy3:
    SL / APL / BSL / MBL / WL

  • BeautyisMireeBeautyisMiree Posts: 202Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Do a protein and deep conditioner treatment.

    For the protein treatment you will need:

    1 egg (remove the yolk, you only need the white

    Mix the three until they are combined and apply the mixture evenly starting at the roots moving down to the ends. Leave the treatment in for about 25-30 minutes and then wash it out thoroughly. Your hair should be softer and moisturized.

    For the deep conditioner:

    Herbal Essences 'Hello Hydrations'
    Coconut oil

    Do the same as the protein treatment and leave the deep conditioner in your hair for the same amount of time. I recommend you put a shower cap as soon as you put this on so your hair cuticles can open up and absorb the oils more better.

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