Confused if hair likes protein and conflicting hair properties

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The crux of what I want to know is if I do have hair that likes/loves protein what should I be looking for?

I'd rather find out without completely changing my routine to do it. I use SM curling smoothie almost exclusively which contains protein and have done protein treatments once a week for the past month. The first 2 times my hair was noticeably curlier after. The second 2 there was no change. Basically I am getting ok results, nothing spectacular though. It is curling more, but it doesn't clump well and can be frizzy. In the included pics I refreshed with water mixed with a little SM deep masque mixed in, SM smoothie, mineral oil, and ecostyler gel (clear) on top. This is pretty much my daily routine. I shampoo as need (usually biweekly-weekly) w/ SM curl and shine or moisture retention.

Hair properties: I am slightly confused because I seem to have hair properties that conflict when it comes to protein, I think my hair has high porosity, but I also think it is coarse. I have read that damage can make hair that is ordinarily fine appear coarse, but this belief stems from my pre-relaxer/flat iron/color days. Then as well as now the individual strands of my hair were very dark and thick. I believe my hair is very porous because of damage (heat and color), but also naturally. This is harder for me to determine (I did the whole cup of water thing w/about 5 strands from my brush. 2 sank immediately, 2 floated under the surface and slowly made the way down and 1 floated for quite some time so I don't think I learned anything). My hair has always gotten wet easily and taken awhile to dry though. If I go with the coarse thing I should run from protein, but high porosity means I should embrace it, so I am not sure what to do?

Also if anyone cares to share their protein treatments I am not sure if mine is "good"(possibly the reason for so-so results?): 1 packet of unflavored gelatin, about 1/2 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp suave coconut conditioner. no heat 1st, 3rd, or 4th time (didn't seem to make a difference). leave on for 30min-1 hr


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    I am a course, high porosity curly and I generally like using some protein. In fact, the only time I ever get hair compliments is when I have used a protein product somewhere in the process. IMO, the best way to determine if your hair likes protein is if *you* like your hair with protein. Protein essentially forms better shaped curls on me. It however, does not help me form clumps. Here is my experience with different proteins that I’ve used:

    Wheat – Makes my hair thicker with a more definite curl pattern. I don’t really want thicker hair though, so I don’t use this too often. Wheat protein is also supposed to help retain moisture too, and I find that it does this for me as well.

    Silk – This is light in the sense my hair doesn’t get thicker and if I use it right, I get some pretty amazing ringlets. I can’t seem to get it to work consistently though, and it can also make my hair feel rough or hard if I overdo it.

    Keratin – Only used this in a rinse out but it was, as they say, the for my hair. It helped boost the structure but since it was in a RO and not a styler, it let my leave-in smooth the cuticle so my hair felt soft and smooth as well. Coconut oil seems to have a similar effect on my hair as keratin.

    I went a few rounds of washes without using any protein and my hair got very mushy (no structure with a wishy-washy curl pattern). That, to me, was the clearest sign to add a little protein to the process.

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    Hi there,

    Are you sure you're coarse? I also thought for a long time that I was coarse. Never questioned it. Everyone always said I was super coarse during my whole life and I thought so too. Then after I did CG for a while I found out I had FINE hair. I have super high density, that's why it seems I have thick hair. I have fine hair, I just have A LOT of it.

    Actually many curlies have this. Many think/are told that they have coarse hair while they actually have fine, dense hair.

    I use EO Keratin conditioner (EO Products, Keratin Conditioner, Sulfate Free, Coconut & Hibiscus, 8.4 fl oz (250 ml) - as a protein treatment. I has a protein complex high up in the list. My hair ADORES this conditioner :love7: definitely HG!
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