My story! [with pictures]

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Hello ladies!
I know most of you probably don't have time to read pages and pages so I'll keep it short. First of all, nice to meet you! :love2:

So, I'm a curly girl! Have had curls all of my life. Relaxed it once, about 10 years ago. Didn't like it back then, so I went back to my natural curls.

This is how they looked like!

But about 3/4 years ago, I started using the famous flat-iron. I got "addicted" to the smoothness of my hair and how it always looked so long! I kept straightening it. Over and over again. :/

In 2011 this was the state of my hair:
I had used tons of blondspray and straightened A LOT so I was left with almost no hair! By that time my curls were not in good shape lol. Poor curls! I decided I should take better care of my hair and go back to the roots by getting it black again.

This is a couple of months ago ..
I still straightened my hair everyday. But instead of making it superflat, I made my hair wavy. So I didn't damage it as much lol.

Now since a month and a half I've gone natural! Have been straightening my hair twice since then. And for me, that's a HUGE difference! I've also noticed a difference in my curls. Though some parts at the bottom still don't curl, overall my curls have come back! I'm super excited about that... :) Don't wanna' chop the ends off though 'cause I love myself some long hair and I'm trying to get it bollywood-long!

So this is my hair a week ago. I had a bit of a baid hair day lol! But don't have any other recent pic.. Well, don't know if this was a good introduction but I'm happy to answer any questions if anyone has any! xo


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    Welcome, Belle_! You'll learn lots on these boards about how to nurse your curls back to health. I used a flat iron daily for years. It took some TLC and a few good trims to get my hair healthy again. I'm grateful to all the posters here who taught me that healthy hair is beautiful hair. Keep us posted on your progress!
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