Help me with a routine, products, and a new haircut

Okay, I've only posted once before and will put the link to that in here so I don't have to re post pics. Anyway I started CG and was having great results but now I'm having trouble. I was using a few different varieties of V05 conditioner, with the volume one giving me the best results but I noticed my hair was getting way too soft and wouldn't hardly hold my curl. I read about the ingredient in v05 causing this and switched to the suave coconut for a little while and backed off of using so much of it. Now my scalp is itching so bad and I knew it would come to this because I'm sensitive to fragrance. So I need new product. I'm thinking of trying Aubrey organics but I'm open to recommendations. I can't hardly find fragrance free products in stores here. I'm going to do a baking soda+gentle shampoo mixture with ACV+lavender essential oil and not use condish. Maybe I will put some aloe vera gel on it too.. I still haven't gotten a solid routine going and I'm confused by all the terms here. Like I'm not sure how to seal though I think it would be good for me. And I've done a protein treatment before but I see people talking about deep treatments too and wonder if I need that too.

My hair is very porous and fine. Not sure about elasticity and density is medium to high I think. I REALLY need a haircut. I've been using a tangle tamer comb and I think it's caused breakage so I'm going to finger detangle or use a wide tooth comb. I have a heart shaped face and need a good style to suit me. I'd like to be able to cover up my forehead a little better. When I cut my hair shoulder length it looked good but I have a large bust and I'm wondering if I should leave some length so I won't look too top heavy.

Okay I think that's all, sorry it's so much but I have a lot going on with my hair and a lot of questions. Here's my last post for pictures for advice on a cut. Thanks in advance for advice!


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    Update: washed and rinsed with baking soda and ACV, used aloe gel, plopped, and diffused and my hair is looking a lot better. It's very curly but also a bit puffy, a teeny bit frizzy. It's really voluminous which is a good thing but I have so much hair and it's too long and not complimenting my face. Ugh I need a cut.
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    Hi, redheadedchick! While my hair isn't very porous, it is very fine. Co-washing alone just didn't work for me. My fine hair is prone to build-up and over-conditioning. I need to low-poo regularly and clarify about once a month. Regular protein treatments are very helpful. A good hair cut is also helpful.

    If the baking soda followed by an ACV rinse worked for you, you may want to do those more often. Sounds like build-up or over-conditioning.

    You may want to do a search for some stylists in your area that are trained in working with curly hair. They could be a great resource for the best cut to enhance your curls and flatter your face.
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    My hair is not like yours, but i love the Shea Moisture line. I've also read reviews about people with sensitivities, loving it too...(no more itchy scalp)
    I use the Curl and style milk and the curl souffle. Love it!!
    I use suave naturals coconut to co-wash. And deva curl One Conditioner as my rinse out, then apply the Milk and then the Souffle. Plop. Diffuse.
    WA laa!!

    Low-poo once a week.

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