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Does the length of the hair determines how long it will take to grow out a perm?

meme29meme29 Posts: 1Registered Users
I am in the beginning stage of growing out my perm. My hair is not long. I've heard most people say that it took them about 2 years. But most of them had a longer length of hair.


  • kurlygurlykurlygurly Posts: 644Registered Users
    Depends....if your ends constantly break or you cut the relaxed hair off then it'll be a shorter time then if your ends stayed moisturized and treated with lots of care. The healthy ends will remain in your head longer.

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  • leilawyatt3leilawyatt3 Posts: 10Registered Users
    It depends on how long you want your hair to be. 2 years= 24 months, hair grows about .5in/month, so that estimate is considering you want to maintain hair that is about 12 in long. Of course if you want to keep your hair in a shorter style (say 6 in) it will take less time (about a year), but you should also keep in mind that it might not look or feel as though your hair is growing (unless it is stretched or straightened) because the new growth will have shrinkage that the permed part doesn't have (so if you were to trim 2 permed inches after 4 months, technically you should have just as much length because you will have about 2in of growth, but it will probably appear shorter).

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