Genaric K-pak..I'm in LOVE.

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Ok here's the low down, I just used this wonderful stuff from Sally's Beauty. I have used inthe way way past the real deal but do not remember how it worked or what it did for me. Well from my studies here I have learned from all of you (THANK YOU) :blob7:. ...that my hair desperatly needs protien. So I got some generic K-pak and slathered it simi thick on my hair while it was dry and slep with it in my hair then rinsed with gobs more of it that morning. I was a little worried as I read how others had bad issues with protien use. Well my hair feels AMAZING and is so so sooo soft and shiney. My hair is normally not soft and shiney lol I am on cloud 9:angel10: for reals. THANK YOU!


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    generic k-pak...
    I'm new to all of this. will you elaborate on where you got it, what it looks like, and what it's generic for? Thanks!
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