Frustrating product buying experience

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*deleted because I realized the salon has an account on here and I'd rather tell them my complaint in person that have them read it off the boards.

Thanks for responding to my MI001 :)
2a-2b, high porosity, high density, fine texture, medium length

Tried CG off and on but really want to make it work this time... as long as I can find a way to beat these high dews :icon_smile:


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    I think eventually they'll know who you are and that you want the KC and that's that. If its cheaper to get it from them then that is what I would do. Find out the nice lady's name and ask for her every time you call or go in. You may have to deal with the other lady sometimes but she'll figure it out eventually that you know what you want and will stand firm on that.
    remember, with all advice or suggestions for your hair, YMMV!! :read2:
    My hair:
    2b wavy, medium texture, low porosity, med-high density. Protein finicky.
    My routine:
    Cleansing: DCNP, every 4-5 days (occasionally use CJ cleansers).
    RO: CJSC, occasionally use JCDC
    LI: KCKT or CJSL
    Gel: KCCC, CJCIAB for 2nd day hair (sometimes third)

    Heat is my friend: warm water rinses, steam caps, and diffuse dry. I love CLU cloths and my Denman.