mixed chicks

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any use this? looking at the shampoo/deep conditioner/leave in. I'd like to try,worried the oils
might cause breakouts when in contact with my skin... what did you like/not like about these products? help please!


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    also wanted to know if the shampoo is moisturizing or if it dries out your the deep conditioner very moisturizing...and for the leave in, does it leave hair crunchy or greasy or does it do a nice job with
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    The Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner worked well for me, it gave me good hold and it smelled okay. I did find that it was a tad bit sticky on my hands as I applied it but not so much on my hair once it dried. It did leave my hair a bit crunchy and hard but after I scrunched out the crunch it was fine so I didn't mind it. My hair felt soft and my curls were defined. My mom used it on her hair and she said it left white flakes after it dried but I had no issues with this, I worked it in well and I used only what I needed whereas my mom tends to over do it on the leave ins.
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    thank you ericachristina!
  • IAgalIAgal Posts: 139Registered Users
    picked up some several days ago,can't believe i found it in town! It isn't working for me,so i'm going to try to sell it on the swapboard :(
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    Ya I have the leave-in too and I use it once and a while. It isn't super amazing in my hair but its not terrible either. It definitely leaves a crunch though. I just want to use it up since its almost half done already.
    2a-2b, high porosity, high density, fine texture, medium length

    Tried CG off and on but really want to make it work this time... as long as I can find a way to beat these high dews :icon_smile:
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    I currently use the shampoo, it's not the most organic (I don't use the sulfate free one) but it doesn't dry out or strip my hair. So I really like it, I may try out the sulfate free range once I finish this bottle. No real complaints from me.