Curly hair goes wild.

I really don´t know what to do anymore. I have 3b (or a strong 3a) kind of curly hair when I style it. I have to style (hairdryer and sometimes hairmousse) because I have pretty thick and long (!) hair. Whenever I go to bed and wake up the next morning I only have strong waves.. It seems like I would just "make my hair flat" during sleeping.. i tried to make a messy bun but it didn´t worked at all.. I really don´t want to cut my long hair, but I also can´t wash my hair everyday because it´s really dry! Someone with an advice??? :(:help:


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    It depends, shampooing every day is bad, yes, but if you're following the curly girl method co-washing everyday will not hurt your hair or dry it out. I also go to bed with 3A curls and wake up with strong waves. However I'm able to reactivate the curls very easily. I dampen my hair with cool water (I keep a small spray bottle in the fridge), gently finger comb out tangles as my hair is quite tangly, and then you can either scrunch up to reactivate if that's enough or use a refresher. I like to readd a bit of product, sometimes curl cream or leave in mixed with a pinch of gel and typically diluted with more water. That seems to bring the curls and hair back to life. It's weird. Sometimes my second and third day looks better than my first.

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