Hello, I need some advice :)

Hello, I'm new here :icon_smile: My name is Stephanie and I'm from Venezuela, so, excuse my bad english LOL.

I need advice about hairstyles/haircuts
I want to get layers on my hair, because when its dries I get the "pyramid head".. And I read that layers can help to avoid it...
The problem is that I don't want to cut off a lot of hair, I mean, I like my hair this long (a little under my shoulders -you can see my picture-) and I'm in the process of grow up my hair. So, what other thing can i do to avoid the "pyramid head"? or the layers are the only solution? Please help :S

By the way, my curls are 3b, but are soft.

Mix of 3C & 3B
Medium porosity
Low density
Medium width

Excuse my bad english :oops:


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    Hola, soy de Honduras :) layers help a lot, you can always keep them long (it's best if the shortest one is below your chin). Or, "grafilado", thinning your hair a bit (only a bit!) may also take off some volume from the sides. I've done both, and it works for me. I'm 3a but i have a LOT of hair xD

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    Hola! Soy de California. :mrgreen: I got layers just this week. Cascading ones. (Como una cascada!) My hair was down to my breasts when straightened or wet but they took off three whole inches so now it's about your length in front. They only cut it so much to get rid of the ends that were dry I guess. The rest they just shaped. So my shortest layers fall at my ears towards the sides and back of my head (very subtle) and then my jaw. From then on it's tapered every few inches. I'm 3A and have a lot of hair and this really helped me. It's much easier to style my hair now. The best part is these layers are designed to be grown into so I can grow my hair out again healthier and stronger and the shape will still hold. I'll just go back in six months for a trim.
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    Thanks for your answers! :thumbright:

    I'm scared of getting my layers LOL. But I guess I'll try it.

    Mix of 3C & 3B
    Medium porosity
    Low density
    Medium width

    Excuse my bad english :oops: