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Has anyone had solely face framing layers cut into their 3. Long medium texture hair? If so what was the end result? Did it make your hair pouffy? Did it give your curls an odd shape when dry? Did it create too much volume?
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    I'm curious too....been thinking about it

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    I am going to try to post a pic. Remember I HATE my picture taken, this is not good, as I take horrible pics, but maybe I can save one of you the fate of cutting layers close to your face and hating it. I still have not found a stylist I can say I like 100%. The ones I have been to think a little wave or a slight curl here and there is "curly hair", and don't know the shrink factor, and have no idea at all, to not use any more heat than necessary to begin with. I will also admit i am not good with my hair, as I never had anyone to teach me about curly hair in this area, everything I learn is by trial and error or online ideas I pick up. Thus I LOVE this website and linger here alot even though I keep my mouth shut and never post. I have to have a simple routein each day for my hair, I Just don't have the time to style it every day with hot rollers, a curling iron, (my hair wont' take the heat at all either) so all I do is use shampoo every 5th day or so only. I do have to "style" my hair from wet to "feel like me" every morning though. I use VO5 or Suave conditioner by the tons to wash with, thank goodness it is cheap. Then I do use a good conditioner each morning while I shower for a few minutes. Usually I use Moroccan Oil, Matrix Curls Bounce, Matrix Conditoning Balm or a higher end conditioner, (always different bottles setting around the shower, LOL). RInse it off as I rinse off with a shower, then I do a colder rinse to smooth the cuticle before I get out. I LIke a couple pumps of Moroccan Oil as a leave in, (or the Sally's One and Only brand due to price), and Redken Ringlets 07 as a gel. Turn head upside down to "rake it through", use a dryer on cool, while head turned over, about 5 minutes, turn head back up & let it go. This picture was on a better hair day sue to the fact i had not had a coat on or anything heavy around my neck yet when it was taken. Ignore the grey I had not fixed it yet again, I hate to color, and I try to do it myself. if you look at my shoulder area you will see how the hair tends to set up "top" of my shoulder. it is right at the lenght here it did cause alot of poofyness. I didn't use to layer it but had a new stylist talk me into it one day telling me how it would take so much weight off and make my curls more bouncy and I knew it would. She layers it around my face & back over my shoulders. I have been sorry every since, the ends rub on coats, sweaters etc, gets poofy and tangles bad, like behind the nap of your neck when a high collar rubs there all day. I am TRYING like crazy to let it grow back out again longer, but it gets SO poofy at shoulder level and I get mad, end up having it layered again when I had all I can take.

    That is why I came here today, to read reviews on Keratin treatments and geet the general idea if it would help me get past this point by straightening me out enough to get past my shoulder lenght here to let it grow back out. The longest in back is BSL dry and about half way to my waist wet so it is fairly long back there. I want to try one so bad. but just can't work up the courage to pull the plug and do it. Got an appt at noon tomorrow for either a little trim, an inch or so for dead ends........ OR a keratin treatment and slight trim but I am afraid I am going to chicken out again LOL.

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    It gave me a triangle shape I hate it n strongly believe that curly hair should be one length it also made my hair look thin.
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    This surprises me, I love my layers! When I got them done in a salon the first time they did a really bad job- my hair had one huge layer on top and the rest of my hair was the same length. Next time I got it cut, I opted for more layers to try and fix the ones I already had, and it was much better! I got face frame layers then too, which were okay. Now I cut my own hair and I like it a lot more, I can choose where I put more and less weight to help my curls and I know how my hair will respond.

    ETA: my hair is 2c/3a, and shoulder length. But it looked hideously poofy (probably 1/2 my fault for not knowing how to style it) and triangle like w/o layers, so I guess it all depends.
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    Ready to get back on the CG bandwagon! :iconbiggrin:

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