I need help with everything about my hair! Type: 2c (I believe)

I'm 15 and I'm pretty sure I have 2c hair. I like it, but it's really frizzy sometimes so I can't really wear it out and I have LOT OF PROBLEMS and I have no clue where to begin. Ill just list them, then elaborate

1. I straighten my hair 5 days a week because I shower at night and I don't like the way my hair looks in the morning.

2. I don't know what products to use

3. I have layers and bangs

First off. I straighten my hair this often because I don't like the way it looks in the morning. It looks like an animal went crazy in my hair or something. It's frizzy and poofy. Because of my straightening so often, my hair looks really damaged and I have quite the collection of split ends, . I would wear my hair curly, but because I shower at night my hair looks weird in the morning

Question 1: how can I shower at night and have my hair look pretty in the morning?

Second. I have a lot of products that I don't know what to do with. A family member of mine works for Ulta (in the offices) so I get a bunch of random products. I have an array of products I don't know how to use.

Here are some..
Hair oil
Tresseme hair mouse
Redken 12 straight lissage
It's a 10 plus keratin
Kendra sleek serum or something
Paul mitchel super skinny serum
Paul mitchel tea tree firm hold gel
Aqua age curl defying cream

The shampoo and condionter I use are organix cherry blossom

Question 2: how should I use those products?

Third. I have layers I'm trying to grow out and bangs I'm trying to grow out.

Question 3: will not having layers help?

Thank you so much!

Hair specs

type 2c
low porosity
Medium density (I think)
Shoulder length


  • honeybebehoneybebe Posts: 55Registered Users
    Can you post a picture of your hair. Have you heard about the curly girl method. I've been doing it for a little while and i can already see a dfference in my hair. It has a lot less frizz and i love that i dont have to blow dry everytime i wash. It's a time and life saver really. For the cg method you have to avoid any type of sulfates and non water soluble silicones. If your hair feels like it has product build up there's sulfate free shampoos that you can use. I'm not sure if this is the strict curly girl method but it's the basics and it's what i do.

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  • chloemarieevachloemarieeva Posts: 8Registered Users
    Yes post a pic please.
    1. Why do you have to shower at night? Some people no matter what hair type even people with straight hair swear that they absolutely must shower in the morning. I am one of those people. I don't know if it is my hair or sleeping pattern or a combo of both but my hair is absolutely a rats nest every morning and nothing helps but putting it under the shower.
    2. Grow out your bangs IMO. Pin them back or to the side or wear headband.
    3. Layers are a good thin in general. But not poorly cut layers. Curly layers should be cut when the hair is dry so that they enhance the curl pattern and so that the curls mesh well. And lots of layers are key. Should not look like a staircase. Layers should be subtle.
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    I second honeybebe. I thought my hair was wavy/frizzy before I went curly girl. Now it's earnestly curly. Even when I don't style it with products it's a solid very curly 2C. Never puffy or frizzy. I don't blow dry and I wash my hair at night often and I can honestly say my second day hair looks just as good if not better than the first. I attribute that to my hair being healthier than it was. Now that it's properly moisturized I'll never have to flat iron again when I wake up.

    Also like Chloe said, layers should be subtle. I got a bunch of cascading ones put in this week and they really helped with me. I'm going to grow them out to be longer layers. My hair was to my breasts before the cut so I aim to be there again. But there was just so much hair that was one length at the bottom and so much that was frazzled from flat ironing. Plus in order to achieve the shape I wanted I had to sacrifice a few inches. I don't mind. I love me some layers. :blob2:
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    Straigtening your hair so often will permanently damage your hair after a while :( then you'll find it even more difficult to ''manage'' your hair... I'd not straighten your hair for a while, and pamper your curls... use a low-poo instead of a shampoo.
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