Too fine and thin?

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My hair is pretty long (which I actually like), but I feel like maybe my hair is to long for how fine it is. I actually don't have thin hair (even tho it appears to be) it's just so fine. Tell me what you think... I've always wanted long hair, but maybe it's too long for its length? Be honest, I can handle it!

I always remember that cutting it won't make it thicker or denser tho. Even though I would love thick hair, I have to work with what I have.

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    I think your hair looks great! Mine is fine and thin and I like mine long also. I know longer hair makes it weighed down more but I don't care lol. Your hair is pretty!
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    I think your hair looks very pretty! I might get a trim though since your hair seems to taper toward the ends.
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    I think your hair looks nice. You could try clipping the roots and diffusing your hair upside down for more volume but the longer your hair gets, the less volume it will have because of how fine and thin it is. It's your trade-off for more length.
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    I think your hair is very pretty too. :)

    I guess my suggestion would be to think about what makes your face look the best. What's the most flattering? What makes you feel attractive?
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