Un even hair lengths causing damage?

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My hair is growing out from a Mohawk and of course I never cut it all even as it started growing out. Then I colored it. I feel like the mixed lengths all over the place are causing severe damage. I work up this more and the middle of my head which is much longer than the sides was matted up. I got a lot of shedding and obvious damage. I tried cutting a part but my shears seemed dull! Because they didn't cut my hair at all. I tried to for e it but realized I was further damaging it! Ah I'm so frustrated. Should I just buy new shears or go to a stylist? What are some good shears?

I should be fair and add I that I haven't cut my hair sense early July and its been six orbs even months. So I guess I should have been trimming my ends or it should explain the damage. I have atmost an inch or a half an inch that should be cut off. I guess that is shouldn't be unexpected.

I think what also caused my hair damage is the conditioner. I left some in my hair for a few days and in some parts the conditioner clumped up and hardened making when I ran my fingers through it my hands got stuck and I pulled a part a lot of strands. Ugh!