Could I still get a Wave Nouveau?

Hey, I was wondering, I am a black male with an S-Curl and I wanted to know if I grow my hair out, would I be able to get a Wave Nouveau even with the past relaxer still in my hair. Or should I just cut the S-curl off and start from natural?

Will keeping the S-curl affect the Wave Nouveau's curl and make it straight or perhaps mess it up in general?


  • ninfeeninfee Posts: 13Registered Users
    my advice to you is to cut the relaxer out and do the wn on virgin hair. and i say this from personal experience. i did a wn over a 4 year old relaxer once and my hair just began to break off. everyone's hair is different however so if you like a risk u can try it.
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    I thought so, Thank you very much for replying.